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Ducati GP 12v Peg Perego with free helmet

Ducati GP 12v Peg Perego with free helmet

Peg Perego
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Bolder than ever, the Ducati GP Peg Perego motorcycle

Ready, set, go ! Introducing Ducati GP, the electric motorcycle with a roaring engine and a 12V/8Ah/100Wh rechargeable battery, which speeds along at almost 8 km/h. For little Ducati fans aged 3 and up.

Engine roar and horn

Lots of fun with the two buttons on the dashboard that emit the sound of the horn and the roar of the engine!

Accelerator on the handle

It can reach 3.8 km/h with the first gear and 7.6 km/h with the second. The highest speed can be set by an adult using a knob located under the fuel cap.

Wheels with rubber tread

The rubber wheels and the high frame offer great flexibility to tackle all types of terrain, even the roughest.

Pedal brake

The brake is mechanical, as for real motorcycles and engages by pressing on it with the foot.

Removable stabilizing wheels

To secure young, inexperienced drivers.

Realistic details

Iron crutch with rubber (to be used without the stabilizing wheels).

Features that impress!

Footrests moved back to simulate a real position. Inside the hull is the reproduction of the engine.

battery and charger

The motorcycle runs on a 12V/12Ah/100Wh battery. The battery can be recharged using an ordinary power socket, directly in the vehicle or by extracting it. Charger and battery included.

To activate the battery to its maximum capacity, it is important to charge it the first time for at least 18 hours and no more than 24 hours.







Battery Type 1 12V/8Ah/100Wh sealed lead acid maintenance free battery included.
Alkaline batteries 2 x 1.5V AA batteries (not included).,
battery charger 1 12V battery charger included.
Age Range 3+
Terrain Type Excellent performance even uphill and on difficult terrain.
Wheels Number 2
Wheel Type Rubber tread.
MaterialFrame Iron treated against corrosion.. PP Polypropylene.. PA Polyamide.. HDPE High density polyethylene.
Size 115 x 52 x 71h cm – 45.25”x 20.50”x 28”
Box Size 66cm x 39.5cm x 117cm
Weight 16.5kg
Maximum transportable weight 30 Kg - 66 lbs
Number of seats 1
stabilize wheels Yes
Traction wheels 1
kick stand Yes
Slope capacity 10%
Sealed base Yes
Accelerator Type Handle
Speed ​​in 1st gear 3.8 km/h
Speed ​​in 2nd gear 7.6 km/h
Engines 330W