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Easy Meal 4in1 Steamer Blender
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Easy Meal 4in1 Steamer Blender

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Chicco Easy Meal 4in1 Robot Steamer Mixer is a 4in1 robot ideal for preparing healthy meals full of flavors for baby when diversifying food through steam cooking.

It is full of advantages:

- its innovative Cut Express system makes it possible to cut the ingredients very finely directly in the basket where they will be cooked more quickly;

- its exclusive Switch System allows you to control the cooking of the ingredients, pour them easily on the blades and mix them in a single gesture;

- the shape of the basket favors an even and efficient distribution of steam for quick and optimal cooking, while preserving the nutrients and flavor of the food;

- its stainless steel blades and anti-turbulence barriers make it possible to obtain an optimal consistency for turbo homogenization;

- it defrosts and reheats meals already prepared in advance;

- it is multi-portion with its Switch System cooking basket, 1 Cut Express grater.

Contains: 1 food processor, 1 Switch System cooking basket, 1 Cut Express grater.

Compliant with Directives 2014/30/EU, 2014/35/EU, 211/65/EU.

Works on mains: 220-240 V -50-60 Hz. 500 W Blender 130 W box.

0% BPA.