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Before, dad loved speed. Now that he is a father, safety is his most important concern. His son especially wants to enjoy the highest level of comfort and listen to his favorite radio program while dad drives. Our product Monza Nova IS meets the demands of parents and the wishes of children. Thanks to an integrated speaker and an audio connection, entertainment is assured. While young children are protected with the protective shield, older children are restrained using the vehicle's seat belt. A more intense driving experience can only be experienced on a Formula 1 track or at the funfair! ADAC and Stiftung Warentest are also convinced of this and have given this multifunctional protective device a test score of 2.0.

  • i-Size

    Tested and approved in accordance with UN R129 for maximum safety

  • Automotive-grade seating comfort

    The foam adapts perfectly to your child's morphology, for maximum comfort

  • ISOFIX connectors

    Safe and quick positioning and optimal stabilization of the car seat in the vehicle

  • Adaptive backrest

    Backrest follows the contours of your vehicle's seats

  • Shoulder protection

    For maximum support and safety in the event of a side impact