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Pico2 Motion Monitor - Snuza
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Pico2 Motion Monitor - Snuza

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Snuza's new monitor is revolutionary because of the use of a patented non-contact sensor that detects irregularities in the baby's belly. This means that you don't have to have direct contact with the baby's skin so there will be fewer false alarms.
Thanks to mainstream technology the Pico portable monitor can be used with the
smartphone !
Parents can optionally choose to connect it with a smartphone app via Bluetooth to control the Pico remotely (approximately 20 to 30 meters indoors). The smartphone display shows the baby's breathing pattern, temperature, sleeping position and if necessary potential risks.
The Pico has a temperature sensor that controls it without having direct contact with the baby. It also has a sensor that detects the sleeping position of the baby (on the back, stomach or side). The Pico can even detect strange objects in bed, such as a cat. In this case the alarm would sound.
You attach the monitor to the baby's diaper using the mechanical clip. This clip prevents the monitor from coming off. The monitor is completely sealed and waterproof which eliminates the damage of a wet diaper.

  • Wireless and portable

  • Alarm when breathing movement stops

  • Use with smartphone via Bluetooth

  • Chargeable – duration 1 week

  • Non-contact sensor decreases false alarm

  • Vibration function – to stimulate breathing

  • Sleep Position Orientation

  • Temperature sensor

  • Shows the movement of the breath

  • Can be used with Gemini or babies who sleep together

  • User configurable parameters

  • Raincoat