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Multi Sleep - Basic
Multi Sleep - Basic
Multi Sleep - Basic
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Multi Sleep - Basic

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Dorsal positioner with small ergonomic cushion

By sleeping like a groundhog on your back and growing like a mushroom, your little one can develop flat head syndrome. The doomoo Multi Sleep back positioner includes a small ergonomic cushion that helps prevent this.

Sleep safe

The small ergonomic cushion of the Multi Sleep evenly distributes the pressure around the baby's head while comfortably installed on the back.
This cushion is removable so you can take it with you anywhere. The side rolls adjust to baby's morphology and the small ergonomic cushion offers perfect ventilation thanks to the 3D fabric.
The Multi Sleep can be placed in any type of bed, prams, cradles, bassinets. You can use the Multi Sleep from birth up to 3 or 4 months. It is compatible with the Rest Easy Small & Large

How to use the Multi Sleep:

Place the Multi Sleep in the bed. Lay your baby's head on the ergonomic cushion. The back of your baby's head fits snugly into the small hole in the cushion.

Position the side rollers on the Multi Sleep close to the body and under the baby's arms. Make sure the side rollers are secure.

Sweet night !

The doomoo basics positioner should no longer be used when baby is able to turn over on his own.
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  • baby bed
  • cradle
  • ergonomic pillow

More comfort

Elements that make the difference

Prevents the risk of plagiocephaly

Ergonomic pillow to prevent the risk of flat head syndrome.

Breathable fabric

Perfect ventilation for baby thanks to 3D fabric

Adjustable side rollers

The side rollers are adjustable according to the baby's morphology