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Nutribaby One
Nutribaby One
Nutribaby One
Nutribaby One
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Nutribaby One

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The essentials for simplified diversification

  • 4 essential functions to save time
  • Steams, mixes, defrosts and reheats your small pots.
  • Very easy to use. Pour in the required amount of water and start your program.
  • Large 2L capacity to try your hand at batch cooking.
  • Cook & mix simultaneously!
  • Steam cooking at the right time to preserve vitamins and nutrients
  • Cooking juice collector included to cook cereals and starches with maximum taste.
  • The cooking juice allows you to adjust the textures of your preparations
  • Easy to use thanks to its central button.
  • Easy cleaning! Bowls are dishwasher safe

On the way to food diversification

Preparing baby meals has never been easier! Fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, cereals, starches... Nutribaby One allows you to quickly cook homemade, healthy and tasty meals for baby :)

It has 4 essential functions to simplify the stage of food diversification as much as possible! The steam cooking is a real asset since it preserves all the nutrients of the different foods. the Nutribaby One also defrosts and warms baby food jars.

Simple meals

the Nutribaby One is A very easy to use food processor . Pour in the appropriate amount of water and start cooking or defrosting directly with the central button. There is nothing to program! It's that easy for mixing!

The food processor Nutribaby One offers a total capacity of 2 liters (1300ml for cooking and 700ml for mixing).

  • You can cook and mix simultaneously :)
  • The cooking bowl can be divided into 2 levels thanks to its steam basket and thus cook a greater variety at the same time
  • The Nutribaby One is the perfect ally if you want to try your hand at BatchCooking !

Suitable for baby's growth

A true ally of food diversification, the food processor Nutribaby One incorporates a cooking juice collector in which you can cook cereals and starches. The cooking juice allows you to adjust the texture of your preparations according to your baby's age but also to give taste and vitamins while preserving the nutrients of the food.

Practice, the Nutribaby One is easy to maintain. All the elements, excluding electrical parts, are removable and dishwasher safe!

Recipes adapted to your baby

And to accompany you throughout the food diversification , discover our blog and our customizable application baby kitchen : more than 400 baby recipe ideas and 150 tips, a search by age or by food... there's something for everyone!

All our recipes guide you step by step in the realization of your preparations through detailed photos and videos. With the help of nutritionists, we have developed content rich in lessons to better understand how baby evolves in the course of food diversification: between acceptance of food, discovery of tastes and apprehension of new textures, we tell you everything to help you best in this great adventure!