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Nutribaby(+) XL - Babymoov
Nutribaby(+) XL - Babymoov
Nutribaby(+) XL - Babymoov
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Nutribaby(+) XL - Babymoov

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Multifunctional robot with the largest cooking capacity to cook healthy and varied meals

  • XL cooking capacity (2,250 ml) thanks to its 3 baskets for healthy and varied recipes
  • Up to 14 meals in one go, cooks and blends at the same time
  • Separate steamer baskets for just-in-time cooking without mixing food
  • Independent cooking juice receptacle to bring more flavors and vitamins
  • Ultra easy and practical thanks to its intuitive control panel and recipe booklet included

XL capacity: up to 14 meals at once!

The Nutribaby (+) XL Baby Blender Steamer allows you to prepare complete and balanced meals thanks to its very large capacity. Easy to use, you can delight the whole family every day with fresh, healthy and tasty recipes! All-in-1, it accompanies all stages of your child's development, from pregnancy to dietary diversification and beyond.

Complete and clever: 5 functions in 1!

The Nutribaby(+) XL allows you to:

  • Heat
  • Sterilize your bottles
  • Steaming
  • Mixer
  • Thaw

Ideal for the independent feeding of your baby, you prepare vegetables, meats, fish and even cereals necessary for its good development. Its 3 separate baskets allow you to cook each food at the right time and thus preserve its flavor and nutrients. You then adjust the texture and give even more flavor and vitamins with the cooking juice kept in its independent recuperator.

Easy to use food processor

To give you the keys to a healthy food , easy to make and in record time, the Nutribaby(+) XL is equipped with an intuitive central touchscreen console with 1 button = 1 function. he can steaming and mixer at the same time. Cooking then becomes child's play!

The (+): steam cooking & separate baskets, the winning combo!

The steam cooking better preserves the nutritional qualities of cooked ingredients. This is the case of Iron for example, essential for the proper growth of babies.

The separate cooking of food better preserves the vitamins naturally present in cooked ingredients, such as Vitamin C for example, which helps to absorb iron.

Vitamin C + Iron = boosted immune defenses!

Our tests* prove it, an apple/banana compote prepared with Nutribaby(+) better preserves the vitamin C naturally present in fruits! Why ? Because with Nutribaby(+), apples and bananas are cooked at their correct cooking time Tests carried out in Feb. 2017 by the independent ISHA laboratory

Recipe booklet included!

After 6 months spent on a bottle or on the breast, your baby will finally gradually discover the food diversification .

Let yourself be guided by our recipe booklet included with your Nutribaby(+) XL and find a food introduction guide by age as well as gourmet and creative recipe ideas to make with your robot!

For even more recipe ideas for your baby, go to our blog and our application Baby kitchen . You will find more than 400 varied recipes and 150 tips, a search by age or by food... there is something for everyone!

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