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Naturally Me electric breast pump - Chicco

Naturally Me electric breast pump - Chicco

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Intuitive, efficient and comfortable. This breast pump features a two-stage system that mimics a baby's natural sucking pattern.

The Chicco electric breast pump is a good ally from the first months because it allows you to express milk efficiently, comfortably and relaxed.
Very simple and easy to use, it respects the breast and offers the mother the possibility of prolonging breastfeeding when she cannot breastfeed.
  • 2 PHASES: Starts in STIMULATION mode, with a faster pace to stimulate milk production; after 2 minutes, it automatically switches to a slower EXTRACTION mode to promote constant and natural milk flow. You can also change the phase manually whenever you want.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: choose between its 10 intensity levels in its STIMULATION and EXTRACTION phases to find the rhythm that suits you best.
  • DELICATE - The soft silicone liner adheres gently and ensures a gentle contact on the skin of the breast.
  • ERGONOMIC AND COMFORTABLE DESIGN : The chest cup design promotes a comfortable and relaxed position when expressing.
  • INTUITIVE : Easy to use and customize, thanks to the unique digital LCD screen, where you can see the elapsed time, see the battery level and check the level of stimulation / extraction during use.
  • TRANSFORMS INTO A BOTTLE: Thanks to the angled teat and the airtight cap included, this electric breast pump turns directly into a 150 ml bottle or a practical container for storing milk.